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Island Studies

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Place Peripheral

Place Peripheral examines community and regional development in rural, island, and remote locales from a place-based approach. This is a timely edited collection, addressing themes that are receiving considerable ...

Remote Control

How does one transform small size and relative isolation into a powerful combination for sustainable growth and prosperity?

Some islands and rural regions have already done so. Winning tools and strategies ...

The Resilient Outport

At Memorial University an interdisciplinary team of social, natural, health, and education scientists studied the sustainability of cold-ocean coastal communities, centering on Newfoundland's Bonavista ...

Making a World of Difference

Tourism is a major cultural and economic force in the world. Many people in Newfoundland are embracing tourism as a possible way out of the province's economic difficulties. How is the "world of difference," ...

A Place in the Sun

So what happens to 17,000 people and 550 square miles of islands when they become the centre of attention for the media, big business and the government?

Here is one man's interpretation of events in Shetland ...

Sea Change

Sea Change is an anthropological account of Burra, a small fishing island in Shetland, the northernmost part of the British Isles. Over the centuries the people of Burra have adapted their economic and ...

Public Policy and Community Protest

A sociologist records how the community of Fogo Island debated the option of resettling in "mainland" Newfoundland. In the end, the community decided to stay and redevelop their local economy.