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Living in a Material World

Canadian and American Approaches to Material Culture

Edited by Gerald L. Pocius
Categories: Cultural Studies, Anthropology/ethnography, Folklore, History
Series: Social and Economic Papers
Series Number: 19
Paperback : 9780919666672, 302 pages, January 1991


This book offers scholarly state-of-the-art presentations concerning material culture research at this critical stage in its development. These essays describe the emerging field of Material Culture Studies and the new ways it offers for seeking an understanding of our society's basic values and beliefs. They provide fresh insights into the world of goods and the meaning we derive from ordinary things. Drawing on both historical and contemporary perspectives, Living in a Material World includes contributions from scholars in history, anthropology, folklore, art history, and American studies.


"Living in a Material World produces a useful dialectic, one that will be integral to anyone trying to locate the material in a market system that is becoming increasingly opaque. It is a valuable contribution not only for those scholars engaging with economics but also for those interested in the burgeoning field of material culture studies. "

- Lisa Klaar, The Information Society

“Each chapter is suggestive in its own way and each contains insights that will stimulate further inquiry. In total, Living in a Material World exists as a valuable section of provocative essays that largely realize their editor’s aim. ”

- Gregg Finley, Material History Review