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The Diary of Bishop Edward Feild in 1844

Edited by Ronald Rompkey
Categories: Autobiography/biography/life Writing, History, Atlantic Canadian Studies
Series: Social and Economic Studies
Series Number: 73
Paperback : 9781894725101, 124 pages, January 2010


Edward Feild, Newfoundland's second Anglican bishop, was consecrated by the Archbishop of Canterbury in April 1844 and departed shortly thereafter to take up his duties. The private diary he began at that point documents his crossing of the Atlantic, his two-week sojourn in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and his arrival in St. John's. Throughout the diary, Feild reveals his reflections about his new challenge, details of his voyage, descriptions of Halifax and Windsor and his final public reception. During the months documented in this volume, he is preoccupied with the architecture and arrangement of Newfoundland churches, colonial practices for church ritual and the building of a new cathedral. Additionally, Feild records his opinions of public figures and clergy alike and does not hesitate to pass judgement.


"Forty years ago Feild could be called 'the forgotten bishop'. Fortunately, thanks to Dr Rompkey, this is no longer the case. "

- Frederick Jones, British Journal of Canadian Studies