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The One Blood

In a Protestant fishing village in Northern Ireland what determines an individual's behaviour towards his kinsmen is as much his social class as his culture's ancient dictates. Thus the obligations of ...

Newfoundland Fishermen in the Age of Industry

A Norwegian anthropologist gives his version of the 'developing' Newfoundland economy. The analysis focuses on the political restrictions on economic development, and on the shortcomings of decision-making ...

Communities in Decline

From a sociological perspective, this report examines the effects of the resettlement programmes begun by the Government of Newfoundland in the 1950s.

Marginal Adaptations and Modernization in Newfoundland

Based on fieldwork in the late 1960s, this study examines the economic and social changes that came to rural Newfoundland since Confederation with Canada in 1949. What kinds of decisions were made by ...