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Consequences of Offshore Oil and Gas

Edited by Maurice Scarlett
Categories: Economics
Series: Social and Economic Papers

An early examination of the potential impact of development of offshore oil and gas on Newfoundland. The focus is on experience elsewhere, particularly in Norway and the United Kingdom, with a global ...

The One Blood

In a Protestant fishing village in Northern Ireland what determines an individual's behaviour towards his kinsmen is as much his social class as his culture's ancient dictates. Thus the obligations of ...

Now, Whose Fault is That?

This book is about the problems faced by able-bodied men who are forced to live off public welfare, or "on the dole. " Based on the author's daily interactions with a hundred unemployed men in one Newfoundland ...

Manpower and Educational Development in Newfoundland

A theoretical framework consisting of four related models concerned with manpower and educational development. Significant here is the linking of manpower needs with the educational structure. This study ...

Brothers and Rivals

This study centres upon the way the fishermen and their families in a village in the Strait of Belle Isle construct their social relations around egality and competition–two values so often mistakenly ...