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TautukKonik / Looking Back wins the 2023 Peter Cashin Prize

TautukKonik / Looking Back wins the 2023 Peter Cashin Prize

By MUPress Staff Date: May 01, 2023

At the annual Fine Crowd event, held April 26th at the Signal Hill Campus, TautukKonik / Looking Back was awarded the 2023 Peter Cashin Prize. Presented annually in memory of famed Newfoundland politician and veteran Peter Cashin (1890-1977), the Peter Cashin Prize is awarded to the best piece of scholarly work on the history and/or political economy of Newfoundland and Labrador published in the preceding calendar year.

TautukKonik | Looking Back is a collaborative portrait of a time of change for Inuit in northern Labrador. Using repatriated photographs of Inuit life taken by Candace Cochrane between 1969 and 1986, a group of Inuit from Nain and Hopedale called the “Nunatsiavut Creative Group” joined with Andrea Procter and Candace Cochrane to combine the images with Inuit recollections in both Inuktitut and English. Together, they created an inspired portrait of time and place.

Congratulations to the authors of TautukKonik / Looking Back: Candace Cochrane, Andrea Procter, Peggy Andersen, Julius Dicker, Rutie Dicker, Minnie Gear, Jade Holwell, Beverly Hunter, Maria Merkuratsuk, Levi Noah Nochasak, Sue Webb, Fran Williams, and Katie Winters.