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TautukKonik | Looking Back

TautukKonik | Looking Back is a project to collaboratively create a portrait using repatriated photographs and Inuit narratives in Inuktitut and English interpreting life during a transitional time in ...

Towards an Encyclopedia of Local Knowledge Volume II

Presented in English and Mi’kmaq, the latest chapter in this ambitious series presents a remarkable and respectful collaboration between an Indigenous and non-Indigenous artist, deepening and diversifying ...

Families, Mobility, and Work

Employment-related geographical mobility is widespread and increasing within Canada and around the world. Prolonged daily commutes, working away for extended periods, and being employed in mobile workplaces ...

On Inuit Cinema | Inuit TakugatsaliuKatiget

Since the invention of moving pictures, countless Inuit have worked in front of and behind the camera. The diversity and complexity of this body of work makes capturing and conveying its full scale a ...

Fishing Measures

By Daniel Banoub
Categories: History

Fishing Measures investigates the introduction of fisheries science to Newfoundland’s saltfishery between the 1880s and 1930s. Banoub argues that during this period fishers’ embodied knowledge came ...