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Labrador Cinema

120 years of Labrador and Labradorians on both sides of the camera: a history in rare and significant images gathered from filmmakers and archives across Europe and North America.

Labrador, A Reader's Guide

A journey through Labrador literature, led by one of its most passionate readers and most prolific reviewers. These pages chart a winding course all the way from the 18th through to the 21st century, ...

Revitalizing PLACE through Social Enterprise

Around the world, rural and urban communities alike face growing socio-economic and environmental challenges. Confronted with mounting threats of climate change, food insecurity, resource depletion, and ...


Called the Northlanders by the Moravian missionaries who sought to colonize them, Avanimiut were Inuit who maintained traditional lifeways, autonomy, and spiritual beliefs in northernmost Labrador. Despite ...