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Just Fish

Ethics and Canadian Marine Fisheries

Edited by Harold Coward, Rosemary E. Ommer, and Tony Pitcher
Categories: Fisheries, Oceans, Atlantic Canadian Studies, Environmental Studies, Policy And Politics
Series: Social and Economic Papers
Series Number: 23
Paperback : 9780919666979, 304 pages, April 2000


Today in Canada, the fish stocks of both the east and west coasts are in serious trouble. The once-great cod stocks have collapsed; the Fraser River salmon stocks seem to have done likewise. Coastal communities are in crisis. The majority of the great world fisheries are seriously over-exploited, and some bodies of water are effectively dead. The problem has to lie with the manner in which we run our fisheries. The issue is ethical as well as social and environmental.

A team of humanists, natural scientists, and social scientists came together to examine the question of justice in the Canadian fisheries and to seek an ethical foundation upon which to base guidelines for fisheries policies and decision-making in the future. Just Fish, the result of their work, argues that Canada could - and must - become a world leader in developing fisheries management institutions that can protect the legitimate interests of both fish and the fishers who depend upon them.


"Just Fish is an unusually well‐edited product of a highly ambitious multidisciplinary project. "

- Øystein Aas Dr, Fish and Fisheries

“Just Fish…should be thoughtfully read by anyone with an interest in such frightening matters as depletion of Canada’s cod and salmon resources. The book is further enhanced by the creative and insightful artwork of Pam Hall. ”

- Edwin P. Pister, Fish Biology and Fisheries