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Power and Restructuring

Canada's Coastal Society and Environment

Edited by Peter R. Sinclair & Rosemary E. Ommer
Categories: Oceans, Environmental Studies, Fisheries, Geography, Oil And Energy, Sociology
Series: Social and Economic Papers
Series Number: 26
Paperback : 9781894725040, 336 pages, January 2006


This is a book about power in small places, its perceptions and realities; where these conflict and where they come together. Based on research conducted on Canada's Atlantic and Pacific coasts, the chapters analyze the interaction of people and environment in coastal settings, the way power operates now, and how it has operated in the past. The book covers a wide range of natural resource issues and people's responses to change. It insists on a holistic perspective that recognizes the vital importance of social and ecological interconnectedness. This work breaks old disciplinary constraints and mirrors the ways in which people, the places in which they live, and the culture that sustains them are a seamless whole.

This book is part of "Coasts Under Stress," a research project concerned with the impact of social and environmental restructuring on environmental and human health. The project is an initiative between Memorial University of Newfoundland and the University of Victoria, funded by SSHRC and NSERC.


"A collection of diverse and often historically detailed case studies, Power and Restructuring offers a unique picture of the challenges facing communities located in Canada’s furthest Western and Eastern coasts. "

- Donna Curtis, Newfoundland and Labrador Studies

"[a] very interesting book on life on Canada’s east and west coasts states. "

- Raymond Rogers, Canadian Historical Review

"Peter Sinclair and Rosemary Ommer's edited volume makes an important contribution to our understanding of the causes and consequences of change in rural and resource regions. "

- Nathan Young, BC Studies