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Midwives in Passage

The Modernisation of Maternity Care

By Cecilia Benoit
Categories: Gender, Cultural Studies, Medicine, Newfoundland And Labrador Studies, Sociology
Series: Social and Economic Studies
Series Number: 44
Paperback : 9780919666702, 175 pages, January 1991


Midwives in Passage provides a unique look at the organization of midwifery from the vantage point of several generations of midwives in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Benoit explores the social factors that undermine or enhance midwives' control over their education and practice, and calls into question both traditional and recent assumptions concerning professionalism for female service workers.


"Benoit takes a strong stand, blending original ethnographic work with wider literature on midwifery, medicalization, and the socialogy of work. Since its publication, I have this book unreservedly to anyone interested in midwifery. "

- Brian Burtch