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Minorities and Mother Country Imagery

Edited by Gerald L. Gold
Categories: Anthropology/ethnography, Cultural Studies, Migration And Resettlement, North Atlantic European Studies
Series: Social and Economic Papers
Series Number: 13
Paperback : 9780919666436, 274 pages, April 1984


Macedonians in Toronto, Norwegians in rural Wisconsin, Spanish immigrants in Mexico, Mexicans in California, the 'French' in Louisiana, the 'English' in Quebec and the Saami (Lapps) in Norway–these are some of the ethnographic cases for the exploration of 'transnational' and 'bi-national' ethnicity.


I found the papers stimulating, and some were extremely provacative in their quests for new ways of examining ethnicity in broader context. .. This volume would be an excellent textbook for a graduate seminar in anthropology, sociology or history.

- John Matthiasson, Canadian Ethnic Studies