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Towards an Encyclopedia of Local Knowledge Volume II

Chapter III: Miawpukek - The Middle River

By Pam Hall & Jerry Evans
Translated by Ida Denny
Categories: Indigenous Studies, Anthropology/ethnography, History, Art
Series: Visualizing the North Atlantic
Series Number: 2
Hardcover : 9781550819335, 224 pages, October 2022

Table of contents

Miawpukekewaq Ta’nIka’lsultipnik Ika’lsultite’wk, Wiaqi Ewi’kikaqtite’wk | Contributors, Co-Authors,Participants, Supporters

Klusuaqn wjit napwi’knn | A Word about the Images

Ikankinua’tekek | Introduction

Chapter III: Miawpukek | The Middle River

An exploration of art as a form of making and mobilizing knowledge, revealing many ways of knowing that are local and living.


  • Winner, Newfoundland and Labrador Book Award, Non-Fiction 2023


Presented in English and Mi’kmaq, the latest chapter in this ambitious series presents a remarkable and respectful collaboration between an Indigenous and non-Indigenous artist, deepening and diversifying our understanding of the intergenerational knowledge of a Mi’kmaw community in Newfoundland.

Miawpukek—The Middle River is Chapter III of Towards an Encyclopedia of Local Knowledge, the art-and-knowledge project of artist-scholar Pam Hall. This volume presents a fragment of the local place-based knowledge gathered by Hall and artist Jerry Evans. From canoe-building to berry harvesting, from preparing moose nose to foraging for natural medicines, from stewarding eel populations to reclaiming language and traditional cultural practices, Towards an Encyclopedia of Local Knowledge, Chapter III - Miawpukek—The Middle River vividly presents the rich, place-based knowings and doings of this Indigenous community on the south coast of Newfoundland.


The series itself has consistently demonstrated legacy-worthy content and design and here again fills a gap of tradition, science, know-how, and lore, arriving with pitch perfect timing amidst concerns of and attention to knowledge conservation, guardianship, and stewardship.The crisp layout presents the curated wisdom of almost 70 individual contributors not just in two languages side-by-side but embedded with a visual lexicon. Truly an encyclopedic knowledge – thorough, trustworthy, attested.

- Jury, Newfoundland and Labrador Book Awards