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An exploration of art as a form of making and mobilizing knowledge...

An exploration of art as a form of making and mobilizing knowledge...

By MUPress Staff Date: November 04, 2022

"This is a project about place and the particular knowledge tied to it, emerging from it, and guiding our relations to it. It is a project very much about who-knows-what-where, so where we are is foundationally important. The 'where' of these conversations is the ancestral homeland of the Beothuk and Mi'kmaq."

Miawpukek—The Middle River is Chapter III of Towards an Encyclopedia of Local Knowledge, the art-and-knowledge project of artist-scholar Pam Hall.


Presented in English and Mi’kmaq, the latest chapter in this ambitious series presents a remarkable and respectful collaboration between an Indigenous and non-Indigenous artist, deepening and diversifying our understanding of the intergenerational knowledge of a Mi’kmaw community in Newfoundland.

This volume presents a fragment of the local place-based knowledge gathered by Hall and artist Jerry Evans. From canoe-building to berry harvesting, from preparing moose nose to foraging for natural medicines, from stewarding eel populations to reclaiming language and traditional cultural practices, Towards an Encyclopedia of Local Knowledge, Chapter III - Miawpukek—The Middle River vividly presents the rich, place-based knowings and doings of this Indigenous community on the south coast of Newfoundland.

Co-published by Memorial University Press and Breakwater Books Ltd, Chapter III is available now.