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The People of Sheshatshit

In the Land of the Innu

By José Mailhot
Translated by Axel Harvey
Categories: Indigenous Studies, Anthropology/ethnography, Newfoundland And Labrador Studies
Series: Social and Economic Studies
Series Number: 58
Paperback : 9780919666887, 208 pages, January 1997


The people of Sheshatshit and their fellow Innu attracted world-wide attention with a campaign, waged for several years, against low-level flying exercises conducted over their land by NATO airforces. These Innu have occupied the Lake Melville region since ancient times and have a vast network of relationships throughout Quebec and Labrador. This book describes their social organization and hierarchy, the evolution of Innu speech, kinship and its role in their lives, and how they "occupy" immense territory. Their "territorial battles" are based on their connection with the land and their ideas of sovereignty and responsibility.


". ...this is a fine work of discerning scholarship that will reward readers both inside and outside of the academy. "

- Noel Dyck, Newfoundland and Labrador Studies